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The Indian Student's Comprehensive Guide to US College Applications





Confused by the Complicated US College Admissions Process?

Acing Admissions can help students and their families answer important questions about education in the US…

  • What are the types of colleges and courses offered in the US?
  • How do I choose a school or board in India?
  • Why are essays and recommendation letters important?
  • How much does it cost? Is it possible to get financial aid?
  • Is it better to submit my application before December 31st?

Acing Admissions is the result of years of experience helping families navigate the admissions process. We have identified the key questions, stumbling blocks and knowledge gaps that Indian families face as they consider undergraduate education in the US.

This book is a definitive guide to US undergraduate college admissions, whether you are preparing as early as class 8 or you are in class 12 facing applications deadlines within months.

Words of Praise

This book is a must for every home and serves as an excellent ready reckoner for every high school student desiring to study in the United States.

- Mrs. Kalyani Patnaik

Hiranandani Foundation School Powai, Mumbai, India

Kim, Kavita and their team have encapsulated the key points that we parents need to know. I have found Acing Admissions to be a terrific resource while organizing summer breaks, considering testing options and visiting campuses. I can count on this book to help me over the next 24 months through the planning and application process… Thanks for consolidating your valuable feedback into a single source!

- Kajal Bhatia

Nutritionist and parent of child who aspires to go to college in the US

Admissions to US colleges is a crucial step towards quality higher education, but it involves a daunting and overwhelming process. Having mentors like Kim and Kavita and their team helped me to not only stay focused, but also motivated me to discover the best version of myself. Acing Admissions, with all its valuable expert advice, is a tremendous resource for anyone seeking clear and accurate guidance on the black-box of US university admissions.

- Ayush Sharma

Kanpur; Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Class of 2019, Full Scholarship Awardee

The prospect of studying at your dream college in the US is exciting, but requires considerable planning, hard work and thoughtfulness. Acing Admissions clearly outlines the process and objectives of the US college admissions process and empowers Indian parents and undergraduate students to make informed choices.

- Meghan McHale Dangremond

Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions, Tufts University and Vice President for Membership, Overseas Association for College Admission Counseling

Acing Admissions so brilliantly unravels the enigma that is admissions. It throws light on every aspect of admissions that one can possibly glean from a host of sources. Not only does it encapsulate logistical, academic and financial details, but the book also divulges professional insight that has been shaped by years of varied experiences. As someone who is fresh off the whole process, I can’t help but think how apt this book is, for perplexed 8th graders and overwhelmed 12th graders alike.

- Arjun Soin

Delhi; Stanford University; Class of 2019

Acing Admissions is available for purchase from Amazon, Flipkart and other online stores, as well as Crossword and other bookstores.

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